The prints on Dots Per Inch

DPI | Dots Per Inch Printing is part of the professional service by Kenneth Media and serves a wide range of marketing and creative needs for the company’s vast portfolio, as well as external clients. Its printing specialists help produce and execute premium quality booklet printing especially coffee table booklets, monographs, and brochures for multinational companies such as architect and interior design firms, branded furniture companies, and property developers from its established long-term business relationships and collaboration showcasing their signature projects and products design through Hotel & Resort and Office Concept design magazines.

16 years of professional printing experience obtained high recognition enabling us to maintain the international standard of printing services. Currently, the print production located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Booklets and Packaging) and Jakarta, Indonesia (Booklets) provides a full range of printing services from offset printing, web printing, digital printing, packaging, finishing processes, and binding.

The latest colour calibration application achieves the highest precision for colour separation output and provides the best visual effects of printing through our world-renowned offset printing machines – Koenig & Bauer (KBA) and Heidelberger.

FSC papers are highly recommended for printing premium booklets and supporting a more sustainable future.

A Standard of Quality Control

To ensure high-quality printing and avoid mistakes, we provide a standard procedure for overall checking before print:

[  Images checking and colour adjustment  ]

[  Colour checking of CMYK, Grayscale, and Pantone  ]

[  All types of Finishing and position checking  ]

[  Checking of colour settings for Colour Separation output  ]